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A: Locate the nuts holding the drop latch and loosen each nut 1/8 of a turn to ensure the latch freely drops while tray is flat. Repeat if necessary.
A: Yes. If you bought the same brand and model, you will be able to re-use the hardware if you can extract the retention bar without damaging it. Otherwise, you can buy new hardware on the website. But better yet, sell the tray with the truck and upgrade your Truncktray.
A: Retention bars are provided with holes so you can screw into the truck bed for a more secure hold. Reference your vehicle manual before drilling. Screws are not provided with tray.
A: A protective spray is available for aluminum. We also provide an option for a clear protective film to protect tray against scratches from everyday use. However, still take precautions to not drag heavy or sharp objects across tray.
A: Contact customer service to see what models are coming to market. With an older truck, some elbow grease is required. Call us and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you.
A: Yes, but you will not be able to have the tray be able to latch in the back, towards the tailgate. Only use the front part of the bracket.
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