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Trunck Tray is more than a product; it’s a solution born from real-life challenges. Facing a fast-paced life involving sports, personal errands, and business needs, our founders felt the necessity for an innovative product that could ease the daily loading and unloading tasks associated with trucks.

When one of our owners was restricted by surgery, he invented Trunck Tray to enable full truck bed utilization without any strain on his injury. Designed for sports enthusiasts, parents, and road warriors alike, Trunck Tray is a foldable, removable, heavy-duty, and weatherproof product.

Trunck Tray is a carefully engineered product to meet your needs. From the careful search of the right strap to the selection of materials for the main components of the tray.


Trunck Tray is made out of aluminum. Why aluminum? It is a strong, structural material that is corrosion resistant to all weather conditions. It has a terrific strength to weight ratio, make it ideal to carry a load in the back of your truck but light enough to easily put in the back seat or garage to free up your truck bed. Aluminum will oxidize and lose its sheen over time. But this thin oxide layer is what makes aluminum corrosion resistant. The downside to aluminum is that it is soft and is prone to nicks and scratches. But don’t worry, Trunck is designed to be sturdy and functional despite its cosmetic appearance with age and use. As a bonus, aluminum is easy to recycle. To recycle aluminum, it only takes 5% of energy to extract aluminum from mined aluminum bauxite. Can’t get any better than LIGHT, STRONG, DURABLE and GREEN!!!


The Drop Latch and Trunck Bar are made from carbon steel. This material is good for wear and strength to allow the tray to be securely locked in place. The steel also allows the magnetic catch to engage for those truck beds that are from aluminum or other composite material. The components are powder coated to preserve them from the weather.


The last critical piece is the adhesive. We work with 3MTM and selected the Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive for our latching system. As 3MTM states about this engineered product, “these high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tapes let you quickly and easily create a long-lasting bond that actually builds strength over time.” This tape often is used to replace rivets, screws or other mechanical fasteners.


So be confident in knowing that you have a well-engineered product sitting in the back of your truck!


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