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Trunck Tray and Latch System are Patent-Pending. 

Trunck Tray is a carefully engineered product to meet your needs.

Made in the USA



Easy Installation

Trunck Tray

The Trunck Tray revolutionizes the way you use your truck. Whether you're a sports enthusiast needing to haul equipment, a parent on the go, or a delivery professional, this product is tailored for you. Easy to install without tools, it's designed for those needing to utilize the full truck bed without any hindrance. Created out of necessity and refined for convenience.

Why Trunck Tray???

Make loading your truck bed easy!

Trunck Tray is your go-to solution for hassle-free truck loading. Made for the day-to-day sportsman, busy parent, or road warrior, this foldable, heavy-duty, weatherproof product installs with ease – no tools required.

Trunck Tray is made out of aluminum.

Why aluminum?

Discover the power of our Truck Tray made from superior structural material, designed to resist corrosion in all weather conditions. Boasting an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, it's perfect for carrying loads in your truck bed while being light enough for easy storage in the back seat or garage. Thanks to the natural oxidation of aluminum, our tray offers enhanced corrosion resistance, making it light, strong, and durable - the ultimate combination for your truck accessories!

Drop Latch and Trunck Bar

Experience the security and durability of our Drop Latch and Truck Bar, crafted from high-strength carbon steel to ensure your tray stays locked in place. This material not only provides wear resistance and strength but also enables the magnetic catch to engage with truck beds made from aluminum or other composite materials. Additionally, all components are powder-coated for ultimate weather protection.

A crucial element of our latching system is the adhesive. We partnered with 3M™ to select their Very High Bond (VHB) adhesive, a high-strength, double-sided acrylic foam tape that creates a long-lasting bond that strengthens over time.

So be confident in knowing that you have a well-engineered product sitting in the back of your truck!

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